Champagne or Beer??? Why choose?


We have put together the perfect Beach Pack Gift Pack!


Be the first to get our yet to be released Mixed Beach Pack that includes 2 x Grapefruit Ales, 2 x Golden Ales and 2 x Dark Lagers. PLUS you get a beautiful artisinal Tofino Towel, a pair of KiTS Biosunnies, two 16oz branded Kits Beach Beer glasses with Nucleation! and a great beach bag to carry it all in!


We are also including a lovely bottle of Assemblée Brut Champagne Bruno Michel from our friends at Sterling Libations. With a subtle nose that blends aromas of quince, apples and toast to charm champagne lovers, it’s a real Coup de Cœur.


Hold on...were’re not done yet!


Our friends Wrec Pac are giving the buyers a complimentary Wrec Pac! An all-in-one beach mat and cooler bag with a roll out mat, pillow and detachable microfibre towel. The foam core keeps drinks cold and can be interchanged with a yoga mat. It has expanding cargo and mesh pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap and side handle.
All of this with free delivery in Vancouver!!

Beach Pack Gift Pack!