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Dark in colour, bright in taste. This Mexican-style lager features a dark roasted specialty malt giving it the espresso and chocolate aroma you expect with just a hint of citrus hop.
It drinks smooth, easy and casual like a beach inspired beer should.

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Refreshing grapefruit squeezed into a lightly-hopped pale ale. Topped with coriander, tangerine and citrus.

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Show your Kits neighbourhood pride or take home

a reminder of the good times you had here.

Shop the beach for hats, shirts, totes, and sunnies.

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We are long-time Kits residents who thought it was waaaay beyond time that Kits has its own beer.

Meet Kits Beach Beer--simple, fun, friendly, relaxed beach drinking beer for those who live in Kits, have lived in Kits, and wished they lived in Kits.

Our goal is to do things that proudly represent our neighbourhood, and the people and places that make it great.

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We deliver orders  (minimum $35)  if you're in Kitsilano on Tuesday and Friday. Full details here.